King Elementary Citizenship Plan

The faculty and staff at King are dedicated to the goal of improving achievement and educational opportunities for all students.  In order to accomplish this goal, we believe it is important for us to establish an atmosphere throughout the school where children feel safe, secure, and happy, and where each child has the maximum opportunity to learn.  we believe that parents want their children to give good effort and follow school expectations, which, in turn helps their children do better in school.  With this in mind, a King Citizenship Plan has been developed.

Students are expected to follow all school and classroom expectations.  Each classroom will have the expectations posted and students will have opportunities to practice appropriate behavior with the teacher's guidance.  Life skill lessons and character education will be taught.

King has a Positive Action Center (PAC Room).  The PAC Room is used as a time-out place for students who may need to be removed from the classroom.  The PAC Room is staffed by a trained paraprofessional.  While in the PAC Room, students will complete action plans telling how their behavior will change.  Parents will be notified if students are sent to the PAC Room.  After the time-out in the PAC Room is completed, students will return to their classroom and hopefully, be productive, well-behaving students.

Students who follow all the good citizen expectations will attend a "Good Citizen Assembly" every quarter.  The assemblies vary from concerts, plays, magicians, sports activities, or other interesting events.  Students who do not attend will do school work supervised by a teacher during the assembly.  Parents will be notified by the classroom teacher if their child does not qualify to attend an assembly.  Students will get a new opportunity every quarter to attend the next assembly with the understanding that they follow the school expectations.

Good Citizenship is expected and encouraged at all times at King.  The faculty and staff are interested in building positive self-esteem in all students and will motivate students to do their best and behave appropriately.  We hope students will choose to work hard and follow the expectations.

Perfect Attendance is being promoted at King Elementary each quarter. Students are encouraged to achieve perfect attendance throughout the school year. Each quarter, students who achieve perfect attendance have the opportunity to participate in creating the next quarter's perfect attendance video to be shown at an assembly. Names are also drawn by our school guidance counselor to receive a  prize and certificate at the end of each month. Remember, we need your child(ren) at school "ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!"


1.  I will speak and listen courteously.

2.  I will follow directions the first time.

3.  I will  be kind to everyone by keeping my hands, feet, mouth, and objects to myself.

4.  I will take care of my materials and the school.

5.  I will respect myself and others.

6.  I will walk at all times in the school building.