I graduated in 2012 from UNO with my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in ESL. I graduated in 2013 from UNO with my Master's in Elementary Education and a concentration in Bilingual Education. I love to travel and work with people of all ages and diversities. I have traveled to many countries and I plan to travel to more. My passion is to make a difference in our world and help people reach their potential. Children are my focus and I love every aspect of working with them. There is so much to learn from them and so much room to help them grow. I look forward to my journey educating children and helping them become successful. 


I teach Math, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. I incorporate the Kagan methodology throughout the subjects in order to facilitate cooperative learning and students engagement. I use Spalding as a method to teach spelling by teaching phonograms, their individual sounds and context in which they are used. This method of teaching spelling not only helps students learn to write, but also to decode words and read more fluently. In Science we learn about Earth Science, Physical Science and Life Science. In Social Studies we learn a little about early civilizations in the Americas and then there is a heavy focus on the establishment of the United States and our government. 






-Science/Social Studies

-Language Arts