Welcome to Mrs. Chadwick's Pre-K!

Hello!  My name is Angie Chadwick and I have been teaching for 25 years!!  I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education.  I taught in an Early Childhood Special Education classroom for 24 years and I have now moved onto Title I Pre-K! In our classroom, we use the Teaching Strategies Assessment Tool , where we take written observations on each of the children.  It is a list of 64 objectives broken down into 6 learning areas:  Social/Emotionl, Physical, Cognitive, Math, Literacy, and Language.

Creative Curriculum is used in our classroom, where we do month long studies, such as: Trees, Buildings, Clothing, Birds, Gardening, Balls, Cars, etc. We incorporate many skills into our school day, including language opportunities, social skills, gross and fine motor activities. Being a good friend and a positive member of our classroom community is very important. We also introduce many pre-academic skills, such as identifying colors, shapes, counting, numbers, letters, rhyming, patterns, etc., in order to ready your child for kindergarten.  You can contact me at school at 531-299-5225 or you can e-mail me at Angela.chadwick@ops.org.

Mrs. Chadwick

Angela Chadwick

Email: angela.chadwick@ops.org

Phone: 531-299-5225