Art websites

Here are some fun art websites you can explore!

National Gallery of Art 

Smithsonian Learning Lab 

Met Kids

You are an artist already !

Do you know what an artist really is? An artist is someone who is involved in the ARTS! If you draw a picture, read a book, act in or watch a play or video, dance to your favorite song, or just talk about any of these things! Doing any of these things makes YOU an Artist! Be creative be an artist!

Explore the arts!

Art Materials @ Home

Look around your house. What sort of materials can you collect to use for your art? 

Inside: Paper bags, thread and needle, old chip bags, aluminum foil, garbage bag ties, paper cups, wrapping paper, buttons, fabric scraps, pencils, pens, markers, tape, glue, soda cans! What can you find?

Outside:  Leaves, acorns, flowers, twigs, seedpods, pebbles, look around! You never know what you might find!