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Hi, I am Stacey Tyner and I'm excited to be a part of Team King!  This is my first year in OPS, but I have also taught 2nd Grade, Kindergarten, and Pre-K.  


Monday and Wednesdays homework will come homework will come home so please be sure to check your child's folder.  Homework will consist of Spelling words for the week-Mon. (which should be studied over the entire week),  math worksheet-Wed. (which will be over the concept we are currently on or a review of one previously covered), and finally Fluent By Friday (reading passage to be practiced throughout the week and returned on Friday for check by teacher/para).


Our Schedule

 10 Cycle Day 

Day 1- Music & P.E.

Day 2- Library

Day 3-Computer Lab & P.E.

Day 4-Guidance & Music

Day 5-Art

Day 6 Music & P.E.

Day 7 Library

Day 8 Computer Lab

Day 9 Guidance & Computer Lab

Day 10 Art