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Hello Parents/Guardians,

My name is August Traylor. I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and moved to Omaha to pursue my teaching career. This is my third year at King Elementary and my second year as a first grade teacher. I hope to develop a love for learning within your student and I look forward to teaching your first grader this school year!

King Elementary uses the Rockin’ Behavior Guitar to monitor student behavior. At the end of each day your student’s folder will be marked with the color they ended the day on. They will move up the chart for positive choices and down the chart for negative choices. I expect all students to end the day on green or above. I hold high expectations for each of my students as I know they are capable of following classroom and school expectations and making positive choices.

Homework days will be Monday and Wednesday. Homework is expected to take between fifteen to twenty minutes each night it is assigned. Students are expected to bring back their homework the next day. I understand that things happen and sometimes students forget to bring their homework back, therefore they are given two freebies. After they forget their homework twice they will have to sit out of recess until they bring it back completed. This same rule applies to their blue folders. Their folders are expected to come back each day. Just a reminder, the paperwork in the left side of the folder can be kept at home while papers in the right side are to be returned back to school as soon as possible.

Many students bring school supplies from home. I would ask that they keep these supplies at home as we do not have desks in our classroom. I have let your student know that they can use these supplies to complete homework or practice their skills at home. Each student table has a team tub with all of the supplies they need for the day. If you would like to donate to our classroom our biggest needs throughout the school year are Kleenexes, snacks or your time in the classroom.

            Your student’s safety is very important to me. If there is any change in how your student will be getting home after school or who will pick them up please let me know by either sending a note or giving me a phone call at the school. This is a very important part in getting your student home safely.

I am excited to get to know, learn from and teach your student this school year. I also hope to develop a positive working relationship with your family.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your student please do not hesitate to call me at the school (402-457-5723). If I am not available when you call please feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Ms. Traylor