medication policy

The policy of the Omaha Public Schools is not to administer any medication or to allow a student to take any medication without a written order from the doctor.  No unauthorized medication (aspirin and couch drops included) shall be administered by the school nurse or by any other school personnel.  No personnel of the Omaha Public Schools will prescrive medication at any time.

When a students must take medication which has been prescrived by a duly licensed physician to be taken during the hours the student is in school, the following procedures are to be strictly adhered to:

    a.  The Health Office shall have in writing the permission of the parents or legal guardian and a written statement from the physician.  The physician's statement must tell when the medication is to be taken and the amount.

    b.  The medication must be brought to the school by the parent or legal guardian or an adult authorized, in writing, by  the parent or legal guardian.

    c.  Only one week's supply shall be brought at a time, unless otherwise indicated by the parent and attending physician.

    d.  The pharmaceutical label on the medication shall include the student's name, physician's name, date, and directions  to be followed.  If an over-the-counter medication is prescribed by the physician, it shall be provided in the manufacturer's labeled container.

    e.  The medication shall be stored in a locked container.  The container may be in the principal's office, the nurse's office, or in the classroom at the discretion of the principal.

No teaching staff member at school will administer medication.  This will be done only by the school nurse or office personnel.

Health Office - Ms. Stickrod & Ms. Brown

Nurse Fax (531) 298-1739